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Château de Quéribus, Ermitage Saint Antoine, Pont de la Fou
Monday 4 July 2022
To visit in Saint Paul                                           
The Chapitre, the museum of local art and traditions, the Clue de la Fou, the Gorges de Galamus , canyon digged by Agly’s wild water.

During your visit of Ermitage Saint Antoine, you’ll may have a cold drink after a walk in the gorges of Galamus.

In Saint Paul, you will savour a croquant (typical biscuit) with a local wine, may be a muscat.
the organization Santpanhols works for the preservation and highlighting of Saint Paul's heritage;
it installed in the village an historical way 
                  le Chapitre                         
       les Gorges de Galamus              l'Ermitage Saint Antoine


 You may visit too the valleys of Agly and Aude with the touristical train.

viaduc sur l'Aude


tourism office – boulevard de l’Agly
66 220 Saint Paul de Fenouillet

phone : 04 68 59 07 57 fax : 04 68 59 19 11


Saint Paul website :




              Quéribus's donjon                           castle Saint Pierre in Fenouillet and Bugarach peak                view from Peyrepertuse's donjon

Just near Saint Paul are Cathare castles: Queribus, Peyrepertuse, Puylaurens, an many others ...
The other name of these castles is breathtaking towers: they are built on the top of cliffs around 800 m high and they watched over the border between France and Aragon; the view is wonderful: from the sea to the mountains.
web site about Cathares
Prehistory around Saint-Paul

The europeen prehistorical center: Tautavel
Discovered in 1971, man of Tautavel is 450 000 years old; he’s the oldest man in europe.


Bélestamuseum about neolithic period:

6 500 years old grave has been found with many implements and pieces of pottery in the cave of Belesta .

Le Prieuré de Marcevol
 Facing peak Canigou, it's a beautyful exemple of catalan romanesque art .
The gallo roman aqueduc of Ansignan
Used today, it’s a beautyful view of the valley of Agly river



           bridge - aqueduc in Ansignan                                   dolmen in Belesta                                                 capitelle in Cassagnes

 And many chapels, dolmens...

To see the areas patrymony map